Listed below are documents important in guiding the strategic direction of WAMBA, as well as the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and monthly committee meeting minutes.

WAMBA committee meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month at Sport and Recreation WA (a division of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries), 246 Vincent Street, Leederville, Perth.

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WAMBA Documents

WAMBA Constitution

WAMBA Certificate of Incorporation

MTBA Certificate of Affiliation

MTBA Certificate of Currency

Stakeholder Documents

Western Australian Mountain Bike Strategy 2015 - 2020 

Western Australian Strategic Trails Blueprint 2017-2021 (TRC Tourism)

Our Bike Path: A Strategic Framework for Cycling in Western Australian 2014-2020 (Westcycle)

Operational Policy 13: Recreation within public drinking water source areas on Crown land (Department of Water)

Policy Statement 18: Recreation, Tourism and Visitor Services (Department of Parks and Wildlife)

Department of Sport and Recreation Strategic Plan 2016-2018

SD5: Strategic Direction for the Western Australian Sport and Recreation Industry 2016-2020 (Department of Sport & Recreation)

WAMBA Meeting Minutes

WAMBA AGM Minutes 2017 (16th July)

WAMBA committee meeting 1-2017 minutes 25th July 2017

  • WA XCO State Series and Championships
  • National XCO Round at Goat Farm 2018
  • South Shore & Murray Valley Concept Plan
  • Community Feedback to WestCycle MTB Manager
  • Department of Water's Policy 13

WAMBA committee meeting 2-2017 minutes 29th August 2017

  • Langford Park
  • Joondalup XC Trails
  • WAMBA Strategic Plan

WAMBA committee meeting 3-2017 minutes 26th September 2017

  • Langford Park
  • South Shore Trails
  • MTBA Memorandum of Understanding for WA State Rounds
  • Club Affiliates
  • WAMBA Strategic Plan
  • Feedback on Facebook
  • Policy 13

WAMBA committee meeting 4-2017 minutes 31st October 2017

  • Langford Park Trails
  • South Shore Trails
  • Joondalup Trails
  • 2018 National XCO Round
  • WAMBA Strategic Planning
  • Policy 13
  • Rider Analysis
  • WA XCO State Championships Trophies
  • Goat Farm Redevelopment

WAMBA committee meeting 5-2017 minutes 28th November 2017

  • Policy 13 Submission Review
  • WAMBA Constitution Update
  • Turner Hill Trails and Southern Hills Mountain Biker Group
  • Goat Farm Redevelopment Update
  • MTBA Memorandum of Understanding for WA State Rounds
  • Future Funding for the WestCycle Mountain Bike Role
  • Final Committee Meeting for 2017

WAMBA committee meeting 6-2017 minutes 19th December 2017

  • Goals for 2018
  • Policy 13 Submission
  • Linga Longa Bike Park
  • Younger Trail Builders

WAMBA committee meeting 7-2017 minutes 30th January 2018

  • Relationship with KMBC
  • New Club - Risk and Opportunities
  • Policy 13
  • WAMBA Objectives for 2018
  • Affiliated Clubs - Compliance Issues
  • MTBWA Website
  • Sponsorship and Promotion Enquiries
  • Goat Farm Redevelopment

WAMBA committee meeting 8-2017 minutes 27th February 2018

  • Policy 13
  • Jarrahdale Trails
  • Goat Farm Redevelopment
  • Joondalup Trails
  • Race Calendar
  • Controlled Burn Schedule
  • Affiliated Clubs - Compliance

WAMBA committee meeting 9-2017 minutes 29th March 2018

  • Policy 13
  • Goat Farm Redevelopment
  • Jarrahdale, Marrinup and Turner Hill Trails
  • Linga Longa Bike Park
  • WA State Coach

WAMBA committee meeting 10-2017 minutes 24th April 2018

WAMBA committee meeting 11-2017 minutes 29th May 2018

WAMBA committee meeting 12-2017 minutes 28th June 2018

WAMBA committee meeting 13-2017 minutes 2nd August 2018

WAMBA committee meeting 14-2017 minutes 29th August 2018

WAMBA committee meeting 15-2017 minutes 25th September 2018


WAMBA AGM Minutes 2018 (30th October) 


Documents earlier than July 2017 can be found under the Archive sub-menu.

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