Project Overview  

The emerging Western Australian Mountain Bike Strategy sets out the future vision for mountain biking in the state.  One of the Strategy’s key aims is to develop a statewide network of high quality sustainable trails, facilities and associated infrastructure.

The Strategy recommends that regional masterplanning is undertaken in significant mountain biking hotspots to guide future development and drive the delivery of the statewide network.  

The Perth Metropolitan and Peel regions are identified as hot spots by the Strategy.  Working with WestCycle, WAMBA helped to secure funding from Lotterywest and the Department of Parks and Wildlife to develop the Perth and Peel Mountain Bike Master Plan.

In early 2015 trail planning consultants Common Ground Trails, with international trails expert Dafydd Davis, were appointed to develop the Master Plan in partnership with WAMBA, WestCycle, the Department of Parks and Wildlife, the Department of Sport and Recreation and the mountain bike community.

PPMP Project Update - April 2015 

Consultants, Common Ground have powered on, getting into the guts of the project and have now reached Stage 5 of the Project. 

Consultants Common Ground Trails and Dafydd Davis recently spent two intensive weeks meeting with key stakeholders and visiting sites across the two regions. 

During this period, the consultant team met extensively with the Department of Parks and Wildlife at both Region and District level.  The Department’s staff kindly took the team to visit a series of locations that they manage, including National Parks, Regional Parks, State Forests and Reserves.  The team also visited a number of other sites independently. 

In addition, the consultant team also hosted an information session for local governments and other key stakeholders. 

These meetings and site visits were extremely productive and of significant benefit to both this project and to mountain bike advocacy across the whole state.  They have enabled the consultants to build a great understanding of the area and its major opportunities and constraints and also to identify sites where mountain bike trails and facilities could potentially be developed. 

A prioritisation assessment framework is now being prepared.  This will enable all the potential sites identified to be robustly assessed against a series of relevant criteria. Further in-depth consultation will then be had with the relevant land managers and other stakeholders.

As well as having four representatives on the project’s Steering Committee, the mountain bike community will soon have chance to feed into the project.  A community survey is set to go live soon and will ask for your ideas for developing trails and facilities in the regions. Watch the Facebook page for more details. 


The Perth Peel Master Plan Project enters Stage 1 - January 2015

This week WAMBA was represented at the inception meeting for the Perth Peel Master Plan Project.

At this meeting the Consultant, Dave Willcox of Common Ground Trails, set the scene and introduced the project, methodology, schedule, visions and goals.

The project steering committee includes representatives from WAMBA, WestCycle, Department of Parks and Wildlife, Department of Sport and Recreation, City of Cockburn, Munda Biddi Trail Foundation and the Mountain Bike community.

Special mentions go to our mountain bike representatives, Sam Russell, Ian Humphrey, Paul Neve and Lindsay Alsop.

If you work in local government, we are keen to speak with you to ensure your organisation is aware of the Project.

There will be eight stages of the project delivered over 6 months, after which handover of a public consultation draft will occur.  

Stage 1 - Project Definition

Stage 2 - Stakeholder & Community Consultation

Stage 3 - Undertaking of Trails Audit & Detailed Gap Analysis

Stage 4 - Constraint Definition, Opportunity Planning

Stage 5 - Preliminary Findings Review

Stage 6 - Prioritisation Framework

Stage 7 - Strategic Framework for Marketing, Promotion and Governance

Stage 8 - Master Plan Review & Handover (Consultation)

Steering Committee at inception meeting 20 January 2015

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