Western Australian Mountain Bike Strategy

Project Overview

The Strategy lays out the future vision for mountain biking in the state, which is now one of the world’s fastest growing recreational and tourism activities.

In WA alone almost 120,000 mountain bikes are bought every year. The Strategy is a guide to the development of sustainable mountain biking in Western Australia and highlights the economic, tourism, environmental, health, social and community benefits. Its vision is for Western Australia to embrace sustainable mountain biking as a leading recreational and tourism experience by delivering opportunities, maximising participation and sharing the benefits. 

“The Western Australian Mountain Bike Strategy is a response to the massive increase in mountain bike riding, which has now become an Olympic sport,” said Ron Alexander, Director General of the Department of Sport and Recreation. “Mountain biking is a hugely popular family activity which can keep you active from an early age and through much of your life.” Mr Alexander said apart from needing a bike and a helmet, mountain bike riding is a free activity, can be done by people of a variety of ages and abilities, connects us to nature and is environmentally friendly.

After more than two years of work, WestCycle’s CEO Clint Shaw says the Strategy is a significant document for mountain biking in WA. “Western Australia has the opportunity to grow and evolve into a world-class mountain bike destination and the launch of the Strategy aims to help make this happen,” said Mr Shaw. He said the document provides an over-arching umbrella under which regional and local mountain bike plans can be created to help encourage and grow that vision.

The Strategy targets the following areas and explores their local, regional and national significance:

  • Planning
  • Governance
  • Participation
  • Trails, facilities and infrastructure
  • Tourism and marketing
  • Resourcing

“This document has been long-awaited by the mountain bike community” said Louise Wallace, President of the West Australian Mountain Bike Association (WAMBA). “We hope the Strategy is an opportunity to encourage some of the groups currently underrepresented – namely females, young people and beginners or less skilled riders – and see how we can attract them to what we believe is an exciting outdoor activity.”

The Strategy has been prepared by WestCycle, with major support from the Department of Sport and Recreation, the Department of Parks and Wildlife and WAMBA.

Download the Western Australian Mountain Bike Strategy

Download the Western Australian Mountain Bike Strategy - Responses and Action to Public Consultation Comments

Update - June 2015 

The Western Australian Mountain Bike Strategy was officially launched to the media on 14th June - Celebrating the Launch of Western Australian Mountain Bike Strategy. 

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Western Australian Mountain Bike Strategy


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