A key area is the Working with Children (WWC) policies and procedures and Child Safe policies and practices.The Department of Sport and Recreation, in partnership with the WA Sports Federation, will work with sports to review and / or develop and implement policies and processes required, to make sure these are in place.

WWC Checks aim to help protect children in Western Australia by;

  • deterring people from working with children where they have criminal records that indicate they may harm children; and
  • preventing people with such records who do apply for work with children from working in a paid or unpaid capacity.

To ensure organisations are aware of the requirements, and will be ready to discuss with their consultants post the signing of the grant agreements, below is information that you will need to consider and check:

Working with Children Checks

  • Who coordinates the WWC process for your organisation?
  • Who signs off the WWC forms from your organisation? this is the person who will receive all correspondence from the WWC Screening Unit.
  • Do you have records of who has a valid WWC Check and of those who are exempt from the legislation? this is required for monitoring purposes and if your organisation is audited by the WWC Screening Unit.  Attached is a template for use by your organisation, and can be sent on to your member associations and clubs - this can also be found on the WWC/DSR website - http://www.dsr.wa.gov.au/working-with-children & http://www.checkwwc.wa.gov.au/checkwwc/WWC+Check/
  • A system is in place to deal with negative notices.
  • Has your organisation updated and/or registered their details on the WWC website http://www.checkwwc.wa.gov.au/checkwwc/Update+Details.htm  this will ensure you are notified of any negative notices given to one of your employees or volunteers.
  • The WWC process is reviewed and/or developed and implemented.

 Child Safe Policies

The organisation understands the importance of and supports the implementation of Child Safe policies  - http://www.playbytherules.net.au/legal-stuff/child-protection

  • Clear Child Safe policies and practices are in place and easily accessible for members.
  • Child Safe policies have been communicated to members.
  • Member Protection Information Officers are trained (have been to a current course) and in place.
  • Are you aware of the Royal Commission into institutionalised responses for child sex abuse?


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