The following links are possible sources of grant funding for clubs and individuals. If you know of other grants that aren't currently listed, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so they can be included for the benefit of others using this resource.


Department of Sport and Recreation

The Department's core business is to support the development of a sustainable and diverse sport and recreation system that encourages participation, develops talent and contributes to the health and wellbeing of individuals and groups in WA. Through grants, subsidies and scholarships, it administers funding to organisations who facilitate sport and active recreation.

Funding is provided by Lotterywest, and is available for:

  • Facilities
  • State Sporting Associations and Peak Bodies
  • Individuals
  • Community Groups
  • Clubs
  • Trails
  • Regional Funding
  • At Risk Youth


Lotterywest Grants

Every year approximately 1000 not-for-profit groups share in Lotterywest Grants totalling millions of dollars raised from the sale of Lotterywest Games. Their grants support a variety of projects and organisations that improve the lives of Western Australians.

While the details about relevant Lotterywest grants are available via the Department of Sport and Recreation website, it's worth having a look on this website for other suitable grants. Types of grants available are:

  • Big Ideas
  • Community Events
  • Community Spaces Outdoor
  • Emergency Relief
  • Furniture and Equipment
  • Heritage and Conservation
  • Information Technology and Web
  • Organisational Development
  • Projects
  • Regional Performing Arts
  • Research
  • Trails
  • Vehicles
  • Community and Workplace Buildings


Department of Local Government and Communities

The Department of Local Government and Communities provides one-off grants and sponsorships to community organisations and groups throughout Western Australia for projects based in Western Australia. A number of grant programs are provided to support their partnership with community organisations in addressing their strategic priorities and in helping to build strong, vibrant communities:

  • Children and Families
  • Youth
  • Women
  • Seniors
  • Volunteers
  • Community Sector Support

Sponsorship of significant events, such as conferences or ‘weeks of’, may also be available for events that support their priority areas.  

Local Government

Contact your local city or shire council as they often have grant programs available to individuals and community organisations in their area - aimed at improving their community facilities, building community activities and community group capacity through local clubs.


Australian Sports Foundation

The Australian Sports Foundation Limited (ASF) was established in 1986 to assist Australians by generating funds for the development of sport from the corporate sector and the community at large. The ASF operates two programs which assists the development of sport in Australia:

  • Fundraising4Sport (F4S) - raises funds for sporting and community clubs and organisations of all sizes for projects that seek to develop sport and/ or increase participation. 
  • Giving4Grassroots (G4G) - small grants program that funds initiatives and programs aimed at increasing participation in grassroots and community sport. 


Australian Sports Commission 

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is the Australian Government body responsible for the delivery of funding and development of Australian sport, and offers a number of opportunities for individuals and sporting organisations to receive funding at the elite level:

  • Elite Indigenous Travel and Accommodation Assistance Program (EITAAP)provides funding for Indigenous sportspeople who have been selected in an official state/territory team to compete at national championships or the official Australian team to compete at an international competition. The program assists with eligible out-of-pocket travel and accommodation expenses only.
  • Local Sporting Champions Grants Program designed to provide financial assistance for junior sportsmen and women towards the cost of travel, accommodation, uniforms or equipment when competing at an official NSO or NSOD endorsed state or national sporting competition, a School Sport Australia endorsed state or national championship or an international competition where the applicant is representing an official Australian team.
  • Women Leaders in Sport Grant Program provides female administrators, coaches and officials with opportunities to undertake intermediate to advanced training within the sport industry to reach their leadership potential. Grants are available for individuals and organisations in the areas of coaching, communications/media/marketing, governance, management/administration and officiating.
  • National Officiating Scholarship Program - aimed at elite officials within targeted sports to provide support in their development to reach the highest level of officiating.



Healthway (the Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation) seeks to promote and support healthy lifestyles to reduce the burden of preventable disease in Western Australia.

  • Sponsorship Program - provides funds to sport, racing and active recreation organisations, where there is a significant opportunity to change behaviours and environments to improve health.
  • Health Promotion Project Grants - provides grants to organisations engaged in health promotion campaigns and projects.
  • Health Promotion Research Grants - provides grants for research leading to the promotion of good health and the prevention of illness in the community. 


Ground Effect Slush Fund 

Ground Effect logo

Ground Effect has provided foot soldiers and cold cash for the cycling revolution. Each year they hand out thousands of dollars from their 'Slush Fund' to help local track builders expand the mountain bike playground.

If your club has a worthy project that needs funds to make it real, bang a note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.They seldom say no and don't require you to jump through endless bureaucratic hoops, so it's generally worth your while to flick them a brief proposal. As a guideline, they feel good about supplementing public money and/ or voluntary labour with cash to buy materials or hire equipment - which generally translates into handouts of up to $1000 for any single project. They end up funding a lot of bridges and scrub cutters!.


Coles - Local Community Initiatives

The Coles Local Community Support program recognises these grass-roots groups and organisations by providing support to help with fundraisers, raffles, community days and other activities. The program aims to aid local charities and organisations whose cause addresses issues and activities relating to health, education and the environment.


Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation

The Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation was created to inspire girls and women across Australia to dream and achieve. The program offers ambitious and dedicated females an opportunity to receive financial and moral support to help them achieve their goals. 

The foundation’s support will give them the opportunity to maintain a determined focus on their goal, to achieve their dreams earlier in life and allow them to further their ambitions and aim for the stars. 


Australia Post - Our Neighbourhood Community Grants

The Our Neighbourhood Community Grants program encourages community organisations to apply for funding of one-off cash payments of up to $10,000. It recognises the important role our smaller charities and community groups play in connecting people, and positively shaping our nation. 

Projects will need to benefit the wider community, align with the key focus areas and primary audiences, and meet an immediate need of the community. Your project will need to fit into one of these four categories:

  • Digital Inclusion
  • Employment Pathways
  • Community Inclusion
  • Disaster Readiness


Bankwest Easy Grants

Bankwest support local communities across Australia through the Easy Grant program. The first 20 Easy Grant applications received each month that meet the entry criteria will be up for public vote. If your application falls beyond the first 20 received, it will be automatically included in the next available month's voting period. 

The three groups with the highest number of votes will receive $1,000 each. The remaining groups will receive $200 each.


Tourism Western Australia - Event Funding 

Major Events Funding

Tourism WA sponsors a range of major sporting, arts, cultural and culinary events in WA for locals and visitors to enjoy. They are frequently approached by federations, authorities, corporations and individuals with requests for event funding. Following a formal proposal submission, Tourism WA assesses and undertakes due diligence on each event to determine whether it fits event funding criteria, annual budgets and their strategy.

Funding proposals for major events are assessed on a case-by-case basis, however they must be submitted at least 12 months prior to the date of the event. 


Regional Events Program

The Regional Events Program, which is funded by Royalties for Regions, supports medium to large regional events across the State. It offers funding of more than $50,000 for medium to large regional events.

The program aims to attract and develop major events that will generate significant benefits for regional communities. It supports events which will increase visitation to a region, provide a boost to the economy, attract media coverage to help raise the profile of the region, generate strong community engagement and participation, and add vibrancy to the community. 

Funding proposals are assessed on a case-by-case basis and must be submitted at least 12 months prior to the date of the event. 


Regional Events Scheme (RES)

Tourism WA’s Regional Events Scheme, which is jointly funded by Royalties for Regions, is an annual funding round for smaller, developing regional events across the State.

The scheme is administered by Tourism WA and supports regional events in WA that:

  • bring additional tourism income to regional communities by increasing visitor numbers and expenditure in the host community (economic impact);
  • attract media coverage that will help raise the profile of the region as a tourist destination (media impact);
  • involve and inspire the local community (social benefits);
  • extend the length of the traditional tourist seasons and better utilise tourism facilities and services during off-peak or shoulder periods; and
  • improve the vibrancy and vitality of the State.

The scheme is administered through a competitive application process. Applications are reviewed and assessed against criteria then compared against each other. Regional dispersal and the diversity of funded events will also be considered in the assessment process. Funding is competitive and on some occasions, events that sufficiently meet the criteria may not be awarded funding.

Event holders can request funding between $5,000 and $50,000. 


Royalties for Regions

Royalties for Regions underpins the State Government's long-term commitment to developing Western Australia's regional areas into strong and vibrant regional communities that are desirable places to live, work and invest. Since December 2008, Royalties for Regions has invested $6.1 billion of the State's mining and onshore petroleum royalties to more than 3,600 projects and programs, including transfers to the Future Fund and other Special Purpose Accounts.

The Regional Grants Scheme is a Royalties for Regions (RfR) initiative, administered by each of the nine Regional Development Commissions, that seeks to improve economic and community infrastructure and services in regional Western Australia. 

It is aimed at bigger projects that will help attract investment, increase job opportunities and assist in improving the quality of life in the regions. The Regional Grants Scheme is a contestable funding round that will make available grants ranging from $20, 000 to $300, 000 for regional communities to improve and develop infrastructure and community services.


Grant Directories

Department of Local Government and Communities

The Department of Local Government has developed an online grants directory to help communities and local governments in regional and metropolitan Western Australia, in locating sources of financial assistance for their projects and initiatives.

While relevant grants can be found on other websites (e.g. the Department of Sport and Recreation and Lotterywest), it might still be useful to check out this directory.


Sports Community

Sports Community’s vision is to help build stronger communities by assisting ‘grass roots’ sports clubs to succeed through the empowerment of club volunteers. Their website contains over 80 fundraising ideas, all open grants, and hundreds of free procedures, articles and templates containing information to club volunteers on everything from running an AGM to developing strategic plans. 

Again, while many of the grants listed on their website have already been mentioned above, it might still be useful to check through this directory. In the Search function, select "Any" for Sport and "WA" for Where.


The following are links to useful resources on the Sports Community website:


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