2014 WA Junior State Mountain Bike Team

Perth Mountain Bike Club secured funding from MTBA to assist a junior state team going to the 2014 Australian MTB Championships in Bright, Victoria.

Tony Tucknott was the driving force behind the project, with support from Rock and Roll Mountain Biking, WestCycle and Kauri Clothing. Special mention must also go to - James and Amanda Lobegieger, Graeme Adams, Steve Jolly, Mark Wardle and Ashley Genefaas.

2014 WA Junior State MTB Team

The team of 9 riders were:

Name Age Category  Discipline  Club 
Cadel Adams  15M XCO South West Mountain Bike Club
Jonty Calder 19M XCO  
Callum Hunter  19M XCO  
Bryce Lanigan 17M XCO, XCM  
Sean Maggs 17M  XCO, XCM  
Sam Rubery 19M  XCO, XCM   
Reece Tucknott  19M  XCO, XCE  Perth Mountain Bike Club
Sarah Tucknott 17M  XCO, XCE, XCM   Perth Mountain Bike Club 
Rhys Wilson 15M  XCO   

Team Coach & Manager - Graeme Adams


Check out Tony Tucknott's post event report - WA Junior State MTB Team Nationals Trip 2014.



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