West Australian Mountain Bike Association (WAMBA) is the state representative body for the West Australian mountain bike community.

A volunteer organisation, WAMBA works collaboratively with key stakeholders to identify, develop and sustain mountain bike experiences in Western Australia.

And also acts as a resource for clubs looking for help on trail advocacy and grants, and co-ordinates the racing calendar.

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Click here to read a race report from the recent Single Track Minds 4 Hour at Jorgensen Park. Well done everyone who took part and a huge congratulations to the hard working volunteers of the Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective who raised over $1800 for the trails with their parking collection, BBQ and T-shirt sales.

Photos from the event are available from Brad Serls' website.

Photo: Dave Nairn, courtesy of Brad Serls

The first Roller present by Giant bikes and run by Peel District’s Mountain Bike Club was held in mid-April at Golden Grove in what was the most challenging venue for the season. Roller events are All Mountain style events where the venue itself dictates what the event will be like. The citrus orchard hosts very steep, loose terrain which is perfect to discover what the more technical “euro” style of Enduro is about. Throw in high 30s temperatures and you have a recipe to challenge all riders! 

Over 80 competitors were out to obtain the lowest overall time on the two tracks – Track A being a bit longer, with more pedally sections but also more difficult and Track B being shorter and providing a bit more traction! The high speed rally down the fire road at the end had riders crossing the finish line and looking back at the board to see if their time put them at the front or the back of the pack!

With the two runs being quite different, there was a lot of shoving in between the two runs to see who would finish off on top of the pile. In the Juniors Jake DeKlerk won in the 15s with 6:09, and Aaron Leagas won in the 17s with 5:26. Bill Carruthers was dominant in the U19s with 4:56.

Sport was the biggest field with 30 riders, Criag Iggo fending off Nigel Wade for the win with a 5:11. Expert saw Kose Michaelsen on top of the podium two weekends in a row with 4:54.

Local Paul Neve used his local knowledge to smash the field in Masters with a 5:25 and Tim Beck stood on top of Veterans with a 4:57. Shane Dobson unfortunately managed to flat in both race runs as well as in practise!

Former Junior World Championship medal winner Holly Baarspul won in the womens with a 6:14, followed by Hannah Mitchell in second with a 7:09. Penny Holmberg probably had the most “XC” style bike on the hill and came in third with a 7:24.

It was Luke Ball in Elite who showed everyone else how it was done with a combined time of only 4:21 – 16s faster than second place Ryan Norton! The remainder of the elite podium was Shane Wode in third 4:38, Tim Bennett in 4th 4:41 and Sam Payet in 5th with a 4:43. Jacob Parker finished in 10th in Elite after a few crashes cost him time, but he provided a lot of excitement for competitors with his fearless riding!

Giant was on hand to provide prizes for every category as well as having demo bikes available for people to test a range of the new lineup – many people took advantage of this over the course of the day and loved the bikes!

The next Roller moves to Wellington Mills which will be a more flowing windy trail through the trees. The venue will be less difficult that Golden Grove, giving riders a different style of track to sample. The third round will be held in Pemberton.

All information and results can be found at pdmbc.com

Sam Russell, PDMBC

Photo: Holly Baarspul

Over 100 competitors and well over 200 spectators were out at the Goat Farm for the first round of the Peel Districts Mountain Bike Club WA State Downhill Series which went off in style! 

Former World Champion Sam Hill was at the race riding his race bike for the first World Cup in Pietermaritzburg – in fact he flew to South Africa the next day! As you would expect, Hill gave everyone a lesson in bike handling and was fastest in all three timed runs, with a 1:41.471 in his race run. 

Luke Ball was closely behind in second with a 1:43.711 and showing his usual flawless style airing through the rock garden where most were just trying to hold on. After a solid set of results at the Nationals, Todd Madsen pulled a third place at this event with a 1:44.685. Todd had some of the spectators scrambling to get out of the way with his unusual line choice – using every metre of ground inside the tape!

Jacob Parker came in fourth with a time of 1:45.952 – his speed through the rock garden has to be seen to be believed and really got the crowd going. The video is posted on the Peel facebook page, definitely worth a look! Jordan Prochyra completed the last step of the podium with a solid ride and 1:47.558. Mitch Bryant just missed a podium spot in 6th and Sam Payet somehow managed to scrape into the Top 30 after a huge over the bars in his race run right in front of the big crowd. 

Rachel Gaskin was the winner in the womens field - unfortunately Kristie Lanigan wasn’t able to compete due to having her bike stolen. We look forward to these two fighting it out at the remaining rounds of the series.

In the Juniors Bill Carruthers was the fastest on his home turf with a time of 1:54.633. The new class of Single Crown has been created for the “Enduro” style riders to compete in a class of their own and the maiden race was won by Kose Michaelsen – 1:56.111 – close to the bigger bikes!

For a full report, including many more great photos from Sean Lee, see The Roost

Sam Russell, PDMBC

Photo: Alex Jaegar, by Sean Lee

Hi, I'm Louise Wallace the new WAMBA President. I thought I'd say HI and mention a few big things happening in WAMBA and in Mountain Biking in WA in the next 12 months. 

In the last 12 months, thanks to the previous committee, we have set a course for some big changes to our activities and our structure as an organisation. These changes are needed so that we can provide better support to clubs and groups and work toward our collective goals for the bigger picture. 

So, looking ahead we are excited about these key projects for Wamba:
  • Rewriting our Constitution
  • Developing & Launching our Strategic Plan 
  • Developing a Riders Code of Conduct 
  • Our Slush Grant Scheme (Who wants $1000 for trails projects? Come on!) 

And these key projects for Mountain Biking in WA, with which we are intimately involved:
  • the State Strategy 
  • the South West Master Plan
  • the Perth Peel Master Plan
  • WA Mountain Bike Guidelines being developed by the Mountain Bike Working Group 

And many more that our committee members are driving. 

In the last few years WAMBA, as well as the clubs around the state, have formed some great relationships with Dept of Parks & Wildlife, Dept of Sport & Rec and Westcycle, who have offered considerable support for mountain biking in recent times. I look forward to their continued support for mountain biking and seeing what we can achieve together.

While we are taking on a more strategic approach statewide, WAMBA continues to support and foster grass-roots initiatives until they find their feet. So if you have ideas or want to get involved and don't know where to start, our door is open. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming newsletter to get the latest on what's happening around the state.

See you out on the trails soon.

Louise Wallace, WAMBA President
Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend the WAMBA AGM in March. The WAMBA committee elected for 2014 is:
  • Louise Wallace - President
  • Lindsay Alsop - Vice President
  • Nigel Wade - Treasurer
  • Jodie Stembridge - Secretary
  • Margaret McIlroy
  • Kyra Eddy
  • Phil Wilson
  • John Roberts
  • Shannon Ducker
  • Jake Hannah
  • Jesse Wickes

In addition to representatives from affiliated clubs.

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