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WA Trail Guide

For more information about the mountain biking trails in Western Australia including free maps to download, links to on-line EveryTrail guides and GPX files see the links below. EveryTrail is an on-line guide which you can download to your smart phone for free and provides not only a map to follow but pictures, videos and information about the trail.

If you know the name of the trail you want to ride use the quick links:

Or click on a pin on the map and then on the link in the pop up box.

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Trail Ratings

The colours of the pins and the symbols next to the trails below represent the trail rating. WAMBA use the International Mountain Biking Associaion (IMBA) trail rating system.

Use the filters to refine the numbers of trails shown. You can filter by trail grade and/or area.

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Albany Downhill, Mt Clarence, Albany

A purpose built downhill track, right in the centre of Albany on Mt Clarence

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to Albancy Downhill
GPX Files:Albany.gpx

Carinyah Trail, Karragullen, Brookton Highway

An easy 15 km mountain biking trail. Consisting of mainly 4WD tracks, it is wide with moderate hills. It can become loose and slippy in summer though. Part of the Carinyah Circuit is set on the Munda Biddi Trail and passes by the Carinyah Campsite.

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to Carinyah
TrailsWA:TrailsWA guide to the Carinyah Trail
Map:Carinyah Trail map
GPX Files:Carinyah_Trail.gpx

Cycletrek (aka Barrie's Block), Lowden

This 8km trail is set on private land where owners Barrie and Sherry have a bike shop, where they run bike maintenance courses. Accommodation (camping or cabin) is also available. Many State XC Rounds have been run here.

Website:Cycletrek website

Flinders Bay Rail Trail, Margaret River

Originally running from Busselton to Augusta, currently only a 18km section from Cowaramup to 4km south of Martgaret River is open. Numerous bridges characterise this scenic rail trail.

EveryTrail:Every Trail guide to the Cowaramup to Margaret River Rail Trail
TrailsWA:TrailsWA guide to the Margaret River (Flinders Bay) Rail Trail
Website:Flinders Bay Rail Trail on Rail Trails Australia

Forsyths Mill, Sawyers Valley

Located just off of Gt Eastern Hwy 50km to the east of Perth, this short XC track that packs in loads of features with no real major climbs but lots of log rolls, bomb holes and jumps. For more advanced riders the 'Legit' will challenge them and there is also a kids loop near to the car park.

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to Forsthys Mill
TrailsWA:TrailsWA guide to Forsyths Mill
Map:WAMBA Forsyths Mill trail map
GPX Files:Forsyths_Mill.gpx

Goat Farm, Greenmount

The Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park is totally designated mtb area. On the outskirts of Perth, only 4km from Midland station, it is a popular first stop for Perth riders. XC, DH and 4X riders are catered for. The stand out is the barnd new skills park.

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to the Goat Farm
TrailsWA:TrailsWA guide to the Goat Farm mountain bike park
Map:WAMBA Goat Farm map
GPX Files:Goat_Farm_Blue_Cruiser.gpx Goat_Farm_Skills_Park.gpx

Heritage Rail Trail, Perth Hills

This old railway track provides a long circular loop in the Perth Hills. The surface is good and the gradients easy. The abundance of cafes and interesting scenery in the John Forrest make this a great family trail. If you are feeling brave you can also cycle through the longest railway tunnel in Western Australia.

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to the Heritage Rail Trail
TrailsWA:TrailsWA guide to the Railways Reserve Heritage Trail
GPX Files:Heritage_Rail_Trail.gpx
Website:Heritage Rail Trail on Rail Trails, Australia

Kalamunda Trails, Perth Hills

An ever expanding network of nearly 40km of singletrack that has expanded from the original Kalamunda Circuit to include the new developments at Mount Gunjin and around Scorpion Trail. Hugely popular every weekend and rightly so!

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to the Kalamunda MTB Trails
TrailsWA:TrailsWA guide to the Kalamunda Trails
Map:Kalamunda Trails Map
GPX Files:Kalamunda_MTB_Trails.gpx

Kep Track, Mundaring Weir to Northam

An epic journey that follows the Golden pipeline from Mundaring Weir 75km to Northam on a well graded, wide trail

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to the Kep Track
TrailsWA:TrailsWA guide to the Kep Track
Map:Kep Track borchure (map)
GPX Files:Kep_Track.gpx
Website:Kep Track website

Lake Leshenaultia, Chidlow

A 5km beginners trail that starts from beautiful Lake Leshenaultia, which also caters for camping and BBBQs.

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to Lake Leshenaultia

Langford Park, Jarrahdale

A popular mountain biking destination for beginners and advanced riders alike due to the gradual hills and fast, flowing singletrack. Recent upgrades by DEC have seen a network of trails signposted making this venue even more attractive newcomers to the sport. In addition, there are toilets, picnic tables and free gas barbeques near the car park.

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to Langford Park
TrailsWA:TrailsWA guide to Langford Park
Map:WAMBA Langford Park trail map

Margaret River Pines, Margaret River

Located on the edge of the town, to the north of Carters Rd 'the Pines' saw a raft of trail building for the Cape to Cape race in October 2011. The trails are now well and truly bedded in as well as being signed. Spin up the fire roads and blast down the sweet berms and table tops!

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to Margaret River Pines
TrailsWA:TrailsWA Guide to the Margaret River Pines
Map:Margaret River Pines Trail map

Marrinup, Dwellingup

On the outskirts of Dwellingup, Marrinup is a fun 8km XC loop suitable for all skill levels. Located near the site of an old POW camp, camping is also available at the trail.

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to Marrinup
TrailsWA:TrailsWA guide to Marrinup
Map:WAMBA Marrinup trail map
GPX Files:Marrinup.gpx

Munda Biddi, Mundaring to Albany

When complete, the Munda Biddi is an offroad cycle touring route that will stretch 1000km from Mundaring to Albany with many campsites along the way. The trail is currently complete as far south as Manjemup.

TrailsWA:TrailsWA guide to the Munda Biddi
Website:Munda Biddi Trail Foundation

Pemberton Mountain Bike Park, Pemberton

An exciting trail network with a little bit for everyone growing on the outskirts of Pemberton in the south west of WA

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to Pemberton
Map:Pemberton MTB Park trail map
WAMBA Pemberton map
GPX Files:Relentless_Blue.gpx Cool_Runnings.gpx Pemberton_Jump_Park.gpx Pemberton_XC_Skills_Loop.gpx
Website:Pemberton MTB Park info from Pemberton Visitor Centre

Pile Road, Wellington Dam National Park

Also known as Mt Lennard trails, 20 minutes inland from Bunbury lies the most complete network of sanctioned mountain bikes trails in WA complete with map boards and sign posts. Their signature is flowing singletrack and there is even a brewery opposite the car park!

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to Pile Road
TrailsWA:TrailsWA guide to the Mt Lennard (Pile Rd) Trails
Map:Mt Lennard trails map
GPX Files:Butcher_Trail.gpx Pallet_Trail.gpx Grizzly_Trail.gpx Millbrook_Trail.gpx Wals_Trail.gpx Boylan_Trail.gpx Lennard_Circuit.gpx

Rays Trail, Collie

A tight, twisting XC trail on the outskirts of Collie that has recently gained DEC approval.

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to Rays Trail
TrailsWA:TrailsWA guide to Rays Trail
Map:WAMBA Rays Trail map
GPX Files:Rays_Trail.gpx

Shake, Rattle n Roll, Perth Hills

An 800m interpretive skills loop with a variety of challenges suitable for beginners with a harders skills area attached located adjacent to the popular Calamunnda Camel Farm and the Kalamunda Circuit mountain bike trail. A great starting spot for families and riders new to the sport.

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to Shake, Rattle n Roll

South Shore, Dwellingup

World class freeride area located between Dwellingup and Waroona. This masterpiece is the work of Jamie Cambell. Beware - for VERY experienced riders only.

TrailsWA:TrailsWA guide to South Shore
Map:WAMBA South Shore map

Turner Hill, Dwellingup

Located 10km to the north of Dwellingup, the 11km Turner Hill track is one of the best, challlenging XC trails in the state. IMBA rated Blue, there are also several Black features including a whole jump line, "Double Trouble". In addition there is a shortcut to reduce the loop to 5.5km and a new 1km Green kids' trail.

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to Turner Hill
TrailsWA:TrailsWA guide to Turner Hill
Map:WAMBA Turner Hill trail map
GPX Files:Turner_Hill_full_loop.gpx Turner_Hill_short_loop.gpx Double_Trouble.gpx Tiny_Turner.gpx

Waterous Loop, Waroona/Dwellingup

A long but easy 63km loop that is part of the Munda Biddi trail with the option of splitting the ride over 2 days

EveryTrail:EveryTrail guide to the Waterous Loop
GPX Files:Waterous_Loop.gpx
Website:Munda Biddi Trail Foundation

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